Essay On Missouri Compromise

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As the nation began to separate each other based on political favoritism, it affected the outcome on new territories. For instance, the sectional interests of the east - the North and South - reached new extremes as political actions between slave and free states in slavery. The Missouri Compromise became a the temporary resolved debate about slavery between the North and South, than conflict arose in the West about slavery. Although the West wanted their independence, they had to decide their political stance on their own than being trapped in between the debate over slavery. The debate over whether slavery should be allowed in the new territories continued to deepen the division of the North, East, Westerners, and Southerners during the time period of 1800-1850.
The debate continued in Congress which the Southern states who supported the expansion of slavery while the Northern states opposed it. However, the Missouri Compromise played an essential part in the sectional of the North and South when slavery was banned in the Louisiana Territory north of 36 degree 30 N which resulted in a draw of a line that the Mexican Territory was yet to be considered in the US. The effects of the Compromise was a temporary solution that did not fix larger problems that
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In addition, the Wilmot was never adopted due to the block in Senate and passing in the House that would affect the political views of the East. Although Mexico was a Spanish colony fighting a war for independence, the main issue that blocked Texas from being admitted to the United States was the dispute about slavery. This led to two things - banned territory being acquired from Mexico consisting of slavery and involuntary servitude that resulted in it’s significant of a continuing debate over the expansion of slavery that divided the