Essay On Misuse Of Cellphones

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Misuse of Cellphones In this day and age technology has become huge, from texting to social media. Having a cellphone is important for everyone to have, but is it being misused? I believe so. Cellphones went from being something that people use as a helping hand, to something that most people cant live without. This technology has a lot of good uses, but most people don’t use it for those purposes anymore. At this point in time cellphones are becoming an addiction, younger children are getting introduced to it, people are losing important social skills, and there are other dangers that can be brought upon someone just by misusing a cellphone. In recent months I’ve come to notice a lot of alarming signals from people when they're out with their significant other, family, and friends; everyone is on their phone. Nobody is talking to one another, nobody is making eye contact, and nobody is expressing themselves the way they should be. Years ago, when cellphones weren't an issue, people were able to sit with one another without thinking about who is texting them, and what picture their ex posted on Instagram. Cellphones are becoming a huge addiction and people are falling deeper and deeper into this trap. I have also come to notice that many children are getting introduced to cellphone; for example, the iPhone. Many parents feel that its okay to let their toddler flip through their phone while they’re busy doing other things. Yes, it may be very convenient but from then on that’s all they want, your phone. I have also read articles months ago about how many toddlers are delaying in their motor skills; for example, many toddlers already know how to do the swiping motion to unlock the screen on an iPhone or iPad, but they don’t know how to build blocks. Reading about this was very eye opening for me. Especially because it made me notice things that I didn't really notice before. Like my baby cousin, he is two years old and is beyond obsessed with his mother or fathers iPhone. He can’t eat without watching something on it.