Essay On My American Dream

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As a first generation American, I know that blood, sweat, and tears are necessary in order to have a meaningful future and fulfilled sense of the American dream. I know I can succeed in life and I am very fortunate that because I am the youngest of three, my family has always had very high expectations for me and push me to be my best so I can achieve my goals.
Though we are a house filled with dreamers and future successes some limits do arise. Money is always an issue in my family and many of our decisions have been based on our financial needs. Decisions when questioning which bill is more important and if we could afford new school clothes when my middle sister’s tuition needs to be paid. I always understand when certain decisions that
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They are the ones who help me see the bright side and be grateful for what I do have everyday.I grew up in a house filled with women, each and every one of them with their own stories and lessons of independence to teach me. They also had their own sayings and mantras, but it was my eldest sister’s, Gelsomina, that stuck with me. She basically informed me that the only way to escape the hardships of being raised by a single mother is with my education. If I am grateful for anything else besides the fact I can get an education, it will be my …show more content…
I want to branch out, explore my horizons, and see what I can do for others. Besides my amazing family, I take the New York City Skyline for complete granted. It was the skyscrapers that first peaked my interest in engineering and I am happy to say I witnessed the skyline erupting with the recent years. I am so excited to see more glass facade building because the way the sunlight reflects off them in the afternoon and they appear slightly pink is breathtaking. I plan to create structures that will hopefully make another young hispanic little girl want to join the applied sciences and arts