Essay On My First Crucible

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In everyone’s life we come across these life altering events that either change who we are, how we view the world, how we want to be seen, break us, strengthen us, or all the above. But, from all this we learn a little more about ourselves. These events help us see our strengths, weaknesses, reactions, and what is important to us because we are under stress and pressure and learn to adapt to the situation. Your ability to adapt, or adaptive capacity, is important in these situations and to becoming a leader. In these moments of a crucible, you may find it a positive or a negative experience, but whether you realize it or not you will grow as a person because of your natural instinct to adapt. This is important to leadership as Bennis explains that to be a leader you must first know ones’ self. Therefore crucibles become an important building step to the path of becoming a leader. This is because …show more content…
My very first crucible happened when I was only five years old. On October 12th 1998, my little brother, Tyler, was born, yet I hardly knew the life changing events that were about to happen on the day of his birth. From that day on I took care of my brother as if he was my own and today he is my best friend. He has changed my life growing up in such positive ways. In high-school I’d always ask myself who I wanted to be for him. I wanted to be the positive role model in his life that he needed. From this he made me more responsible, positive, and caring for others. As well, now that he is grown and seventeen, he has taught me things! Tyler has especially taught me how to open up to people and see others for more than what we can see. He is an amazing role model for myself now and looking back on his birth he has changed and helped me grow in such positive ways which encounters all what a crucible is