Essay On Napoleon In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Being a dictator can be hard work, but it is no problem for Napoleon in the book Animal Farm. In George Orwell's. Animal Farm, Napoleon builds his dictatorship by changing animal equality, building fake trust, and making new rules towards animal farm.

In George Orwell's. Animal farm, Napoleon builds his dictatorship by persuaded false animalistic ideas, building fake trust, and making new rules towards Animal farm. In the book Napoleon changes animal equality, an example of this is on (pg,114) when he
Says “When every a pig and another animal cross paths the other animals should step aside and let them pass, also from this point on any pig has the right to wear a green ribbon around their tail.” This shows false animalistic ideas because in Old major's law all animals were to be equal. Another example of how Napoleon builds trust with the animals, and example of this is in the book when Napoleon has boxer do all the heavy lifting such as on (chapter 6 pg 2)
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In the book Napoleon scares the animals such as on page 96 when Napoleon decides to kill the animals for their sins. This scares the animals into think Napoleon is really in charge and that he means business when it comes to leading the animals. Also in the book Napoleon gives himself awards. A example of this is on (pg. 80) when Napoleon grants himself the American hero. This shows the animal that is a good leader because if he got this pristine award then he must have had done something heroic to do that so he deserves it but, the animals don't know that. Another way Napoleon maintains his dictatorship is by being able to read and write. In the book Napoleon and the other pigs have an advantage over the other animals because the animals don't know how to read, and they can change the laws and read something that is not true to the