Essay On Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social media and social networking sites (SNS) have greatly impacted everyone, especially among adolescents. It has come to a point where social media has become a part of them as it is what they will do on a day-to-day basis without fail. With the availability of smartphones, social media or SNS can easily access everywhere. Social media or SNS has its positive impact and negative impact that affected teenagers.
The benefits of social media allows people to be more mindful of the need of others. The increased usage of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have made it possible. For example, organizations like 30 Hour Famine, which aims to raise awareness and funds for people who are suffering from hunger have gained close to 30,000 Facebook friends. (World vision, 2012) Social media allows teenagers to connect with friends who particularly are
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Cyber-bullying on social media allows bullies to act as anonymous and cause victims to suffer in silence. This negatively impacts the teenager’s mental and psychological state where they will face loneliness, depression and higher levels of anxiety that can be seen on teenagers who encountered cyber bullying on social media. For example, teenager posting his/her naked photos on the internet which developed an emotional disturbance as thing will escalate and deteriorate from there. This can be due to the availability to access sexually related material which has cause to the increase of the issue. Cyber-bullying has also caused many teenagers to commit suicide as a form to get away from such humiliation when bullied. Many cyber bullies often able to not get caught even if they wrote harsh comments. This affects the victims tremendously because as much as they want to catch and know who wrote it, they could not find them. Hence, asking for help seems helpless and they only way to get rid of this pain, they commit