Essay On Non Conformist

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Nonconformist vs Conformist:

Do you abide by rules to play everything safe or do you create your own set by doing what you want? If you comply with rules, you are a conformist, if not, you are nonconformist. In the fictional text “Am I Blue; Holding” one of the characters by the name of Willie, the son of the nonconformist played a major. Meanwhile, on the contrary I, myself, am a conformist.

In the article Holding, Willie hides the fact that his father is a nonconformist due to not wanting to be penalized for it. His father is gay as well as his lover, Chris. Willie puts on a front telling people about his dad’s “wife” but not telling them that his dad's wife is a male. Willie’s father did not comply with society norms. He became part of the LGBTQ community by having a same sex spouse.

On the other hand, myself I am a self proclaimed conformist. I grew up conforming to society, knowing what is right and what is
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There are consequences that comes with being both. Being a nonconformist you can be judged and looked at harshly because you are not fitting the requirements of society norms. Even though being a conformist and complying with society norms is fine and dandy, there's the dark parts about it as well. People might tend to judge me thinking I'm uncool or not rebellious based on my actions because I want to do what's right. However, in a way, myself & Willies father both were applauded for being a conformist and nonconformist. Many times I was applauded for doing the right thing. As well Willie’s father being applauded for having his own identity and not following what other thought his sexuality should be.

All in all, growing up in this world, you can decide to be a nonconformist or conformist. No matter what you decide to categorize yourself as you still get applauded for it as well as getting backlash from