Essay On Non Violence Resistance Movement

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Non-violence resistance movements have a positive and negative effect on free society as demonstrated by Martin Luther King Jr. and Emitt Till. People may think non-violence may only be positive or only negative. In my opinion it's both because back then many white people were very cruel and liked the law of being treated differently when there wasn't a good reason for it because everyone at the end are all human beings.

Many people were able to say what they think and what they want to change without being scared what to say and to get hurt. Some of them just want revenge and will do anything for it and nothing will come in their way. For example, when the whole situation with Emit Till happen and Rosa Parks found out she decided that she will not stand on the bus, she would sit down. Also, when Emitt Till’s mom made his death viral and everyone was a team striking for this death and the tragic death. Even though not many people knew them they did anything to help her family.

It is a negative effect because there’s many cruel people and wouldn’t want them to have equal right and will try to hurt them or the person who is trying to make a difference. Maybe if the rules did change the whites
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both tried fixing things in a non-violence way. For example Gandhi did non-violence civil disobedience, he inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world a better place. Gandhi was arrested for trying to make the world a better place. Gandhi demanded immediate independence in 1942 but that’s where the British said he should be arrested and other congress leaders. Many people wanted their lives to be different all they wanted was to be happy but cruel people weren’t letting that happen. In the new generation now is how others back then wanted to be treated. If I were to put myself in their position I would’ve fought for my freedom in a non-violence way because there’s no reason to hurt other for