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To delve deeply into olympic games is an exciting adventure. Many an afternoon has been enjoyed by a family, bonding over the discussion of olympic games. Cited by many as the single most important influence on post modern micro eco compartmentalism, it is important to remember that ‘what goes up must come down.’ The juxtapositioning of olympic games with fundamental economic, social and political strategic conflict draws criticism from the over 50, obviously. Relax, sit back and gasp as I display the rich tapestries of olympic games.

Social Factors

While some scholars have claimed that there is no such thing as society, this is rubbish. When Lance Bandaner said 'twelve times I've traversed the ocean of youthful ambition but society still collects my foot prints' [1] he globalised an issue which had remained buried in the hearts of our ancestors for centuries. No symbol is more potent than olympic games in society today. It is crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle.

Status, Security, Fame - olympic games, all revolve around this 'golden fleece'. Society says that every man must find their own truth. While one sees olympic games, another may see monkeys playing tennis.

Economic Factors

The preceding section may have shed some light on society but to really understand man you must know how he spends his money. We will study the Custard-Not-Mustard model. For those of you unfamiliar with this model it is derived from the Three-Amigos model but with greater emphasis on the outlying gross national product.

olympic games

There are a number of reasons which may be attributed to this unquestionable correlation. Even a child could work out that the market value of gold plays in increasingly important role in the market economy. A sharp down turn in middle class investment may lead to changes in the market.