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Olympics....... Do you watch them??? Just think if they are interesting to watch now how much more they would be interesting in the ancient times. I mean thats pretty cool, our ancestors could have played the olympics and we didnt even know. I bet though now your wondering. I mean yes, it sucks only men can play but Hey, they didn't make that amendment for know reason and people take stands. In this essay you will read about the things your ancestors could have possibly done.

First off, I would like to talk about the things they did and what they used. Now I got my information from " Passage 1; A Day at the Races in the Old Olympic Way". Let's see Oh here we go aha, the first events included running, long jump, shot put { I have know idea what that is}, javelin, discus, wrestling, boxing, pankration, which by the way if you didnt know thats a mix of boxing and wrestling. Half of the those things we do in the modern times but always keep in mind you could be a decendant of a gold medalist back in the ancient times... It also states that the
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First of all we all know that the Olympics comes every 4 years. In the ancient times they used the greek calendar, which was a 28-day cycle of the moon. The games were scheduled during the full moon closest to the summer solstice, it was a very very extremly hot and humid time for the Olympics. A 4 year period between 2 Olypic games were called an "Olympaid". For example the first Olympaid was from the summer of 776BC to the summer of 772BC. The Olympaid devised a new standard for dating events. The Greeks not only identified each olympaid by its year, but they also referred to it according to the name of a victorious athlete. By the third century BC, however, the system was being used consistently and accurately. Well now that I have explained the benificial time frame of the ancient days, let's talk about Passage