Essay On Organizational Behavior

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Kathy Taylor

MT302/Organizational Behavior

March 3, 2012

Instructor Pam DeLotell

1. Think of a present/past work environment you have been on (or use and example from your course materials), and then assess organizational behavior practices you observed that fostered the effect of positive changes(s) within the organization. Cite relevant examples from your personal experience and utilize additional relevant examples from outside sources and/or the course materials to complete this question.

As stated by Robbins and Judge (2011), “organizational behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within
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She had no control over shift, and allowed her customer service representative to take control. I was sitting at my desk when she came into the office and asked me for my advice. She wanted to know about when employee has Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), because one of her employees would call out FMLA, each time it was her weekend to work, and this would mean that she had to work her weekends, if she did not get someone to cover this employee weekend. I explained that it all depends on what is stated in the approval letter, which is in the employee file. We began to review the letter and I explained that to her what she came do. That she can ask for the employee to be recertified, meaning call someone in the Medical Advisor office and explained her consider and they will guide though the process. Then we began to speak about the employee and how she abuse her FMLA, and that if she follow the information in the approval letter that she should not have any problems. I had no idea that this person was recording our entire conversation. According to the First Amendment Coalition (2009), “if using hidden microphones and/or camera to tape without consent is unlawful under the circumstances, you would be unable to use the tape as evidence and you could be charged with a crime and sued” (para. 4). Meaning that Maryland required all parties consent to record a conversation between two or more persons. When her