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May 1st, The Death of Osama Bin Laden

I have had many memorable birthdays, but one of the most interesting was the day before my 18th, in 2011, which was the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. The Saudi Arabian terrorist who was behind the 9/11 attack 10 years ago, was finally dead. When I heard the news on May 1st, I remember saying “Let's just throw a party for Bin Laden's death instead, because this is what America has been waiting for.” Even though I didn't know anyone personally from the 9/11 attack, I remember how much it affected me, even as a 3rd grade student, and on that day in 2011, I was happy for my country, along with the rest of America. I liked this birthday present.
He became infamous to Americans in 2001 when it was discovered that he was behind the September 11th attack on the world trade center and the pentagon. Following this event, Bin Laden was heavily protected and went into hiding. He had been anti-America since the seventies, but he had never really had any relation to our country before this attack. He wasn't seen so much as a leader, but he was definitely respected in Afghanistan. Many people in America aren't aware of, is Bin Laden's image prior to the September 11th incident (“Who is Bin Laden?”).
The Saudi-Arabian terrorist was born in 1957, and it is said that he was the 17th of 50 or more children by his father Mohammed Awad Bin Laden. Reports show that Bin Laden has at least 23 children by 5 different wives (“Key Facts”). His family was in the construction business and was very wealthy. He left Saudi Arabia in 1979 to fight in Afghanistan, with the Afghan Jihad, which surprisingly had help from the U.S. Given what he would end up planning years later. Following his mission to Afghanistan, Osama returned to help his family with the construction of well-known buildings in Saudi-Arabia, but he wound up being banned due to his anti-government ways in 1991. This was said to be when Bin Laden started turning against the United States. He had been very wealthy from his family ties, and he spent major amounts of money plotting terrorist attacks against the U.S. (BBC News). Bin Laden was a part of Al-Qaeda, which is the group of extremists that he had founded back in the 80's.
Al-Qaeda was just not ruled by Osama alone, it is a whole network of many groups in different areas that work alone, with no relationship to each other (“9/11 Terrorist Attacks”). The name's American meaning is “the base”. The objective of the group is to eliminate Muslim countries that they see as immoral influence to of the West, and to replace them with Islamic organizations. This international network is the biggest threat to our country, due to the fact that it is wanted for the attack on America in 2001. Proceeding the September attack, the United States began war in Afghanistan to destroy their bases. Our current president Barack Obama has made attempts to destroy the remaining bases, and continues to do so (“Al-Qaeda”). Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda strongly hated the United States for plenty of reasons. One, because it was not governed in the way of Islam, which is what they believed in. Two, because it supported other organizations that didn't meet the standards of their group, or were seen as enemies. Three, Al-Qaeda didn't like the involvement of the United States and armed forces in the Gulf war (1991) and other major events. Also, because the United States arrested and convicted anyone involved with Al-Qaeda, or anyone related to terrorist groups with which Al-Qaeda was close to. This is why Osama Bin Laden declared holy war (jihad) against the United States, and this has been carried out through Al-Qaeda and other affiliated groups and organizations.
It was in 2001 when Bin Laden became so infamous to America. He was behind the attack which caused planes to crash into the twin towers and pentagon on September 11th, a day Americans will never forget. Many believe the twin-towers attack was a conspiracy that went