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From Home to the Hospital: Pediatric Nursing
Pediatric nurses have many career path opportunities, from schools giving shots to a hospital giving a diagnosis. A pediatric nurse provides care for children from one week to seventeen years old. They can work anywhere where the doctor sees children, like a clinic. People become pediatric nurses because they know that they’re helping people in need. They like to see the children progress from being sick to walking out completely healthy from the hospital. If you like putting a smile on someone’s face this could be for you, because pediatric nurses do this all the time. Nurses cheer children up by telling them that the hospital they’re in is a huge castle. Simple things make people want to become
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This is the hardest part of graduating nursing school. You will observe what the nurse is doing to his or her patients and what they are in charge of. This will take a week you might help him or her with getting a patients needs or wants. After that week, you will switch places with the Pediatric Nurse you’re following. You will be doing everything that nurse was doing to his or her patients. They will take notes on how you are doing and examine if you are doing everything you saw and learned about is right. The nurse will then give your results on the clinical to your professor. When getting your bachelor’s degree you will have to take many tests. You will need to receive a certification for CPN and a RN license. (“Excelling During your Nursing Clinical Rotations”). (“How to Become a Pediatric Nurse”). (“5 Reasons Why You Will Excel in Pediatric Nursing”).
Most nurses go back to college to get their master’s degree after graduating. It takes two more years to get a master’s degree. With this degree you will have a better paying job and have more patients to take care of. People becoming a Pediatric Nurse get their master’s degree because it is worth the years of college, it looks good on a job application, and you will have more job opportunities. . (“How to Become a Pediatric