Essay On Peer Pressure

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Peralta, Lauren Marie R. Extended Definition: Peer Pressure
11438037 November 10, 2014

Peer pressure is a kind of influence brought by a peer group to an individual that encourages him or her to change different aspects in his or her life in order to conform to the group. Peer pressure plays a major role in the physical, emotional and social development of an individual. It is an inevitable factor in the life of a teenager. “Forty-five percent of high school students say that there are gangs or students who consider themselves to be part of a gang in their school.” (Drug War Facts, 2014) This is an alarming but unsurprisingly high number to deal with. More often than not, peer pressure can bring out the best but also the worst in a person. Peer pressure is a kind of influence that deteriorates values, encourages physical changes and affects a person emotionally.
Peers can encourage a person to disrespect an authority. For instance, a group of peers do not have the value to greet their teachers “good morning”, then the person in the group who is taught to acknowledge older people, might lose his or her values. There will come a point
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They also tend to go for the trend in the group because it is what makes them feel good about themselves. No matter how unappealing make-up looks on an individual, she will still try to use it just for the favor of following the group’s trend. Friends can make one feel conscious about oneself especially by the way one carries things around his or her body and this is also one of the reasons why some people undergo a full transformation: starting with their hair, body and grooming. Teenagers will always look for different things that can make him or her stand out; somehow like indirect