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Performance Art What arts are there besides visual art? How are they related?

Art can be described as a variety of human activities and their products. Creativity is one of the elements that make art work interesting. Visual art is the most common type of arts that many people are familiar with. In fact, many people associate the name art to visual arts alone. For instance, drawings, architecture, sculpture making, painting and other visual media are some of the examples of visual arts. However, there are many types of arts apart from the common visual arts. A good example is performance art, which includes dancing, theater, film, literature and interactive media. The term 'performance art' was first used to describe live events such as music, poetry, films, dances and so forth. However, it has grown to be broadly accepted internationally to replace the name theater or live events. Unlike visual art, performance art cannot be sold or traded as a commodity because it is intangible. People can only access this kind of art by paying tickets to watch live events. The other characteristic of performance art is that it is a live performance that lacks specific guidelines or rules that are present in visual arts. Facial expressions, body language, and voice projection are some of the products of performance arts. It is also notable that in performance art, the products can never be similar. Even when a certain type of live event is performed for the second time, it can never be identical to the first one even though the content is similar. Many activities of performance arts take place in a theater. Theaters consist of an elevated stage where artists showcase their creativity, and a space for audience who pay to watch a performance. The most common types of theater productions that people pay for include acting, dancing and music. Theatric acting performances involve acting of written stories that arose from old collections or independent creations. The actors deliver their messages through spoken words, silent gestures, facial expressions and a combination of spoken words and singing. All these are meant to communicate certain messages and make the show more interesting. Sometimes, even without hearing the words, one can tell the messages relayed by just looking at the gestures and the facial expressions of the actors. In other cases, the