Essay On Peter The Great

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Analyze the ways in which Peter the Great transformed Russia into a modern state. Peter the Great is a great example of what the influence of a single individual can achieve. He himself basically dragged and entire society toward the modernization of its military, government, behavior, and even is appearance. He introduced a more European culture that was way foreign to the Russian people. He also made demands to both the people and the nobility, which attempted to make the Russian people more effective and more efficient. Peter understood that European technology, and the culture that drove it, were a way to national power. He did not want his country left behind, even more he did not want his country to be left vulnerable to the constantly expanding Europeans, who were constantly at war attempting to take away the other territory. There are for main points to the transformation of Russia, Russia before Peter, the coming to power of Peter the great, Peter’s reforms, and seeking a warm water port. Before Peter the Great, Russia was strictly an agricultural society. Because Russia did not have a warm water port, they were cut off from year round shipping and sea lanes. The only real port that Russia had at the time was Archangel in the north, on the White Sea, which was frozen for more than half the year, so that didn’t really help. The Russian Orthodox Church was different from the religious beliefs from around the rest of Europe. It got used the Greek Orthodox Church