Essay On Police Body Cameras

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The Effects of Police Body Cameras There has been a lot of controversy about the newly introduced police body cameras. Society is still looking for the answers to why the cameras was even introduced. People have also been noticing the effects of the cameras. There has been both positive and negative effects of the cameras, but the introduction of the police body cameras were due to the increase in the police brutality case and the concern about police integrity. The awareness of police brutality has gone up drastically in the past year. Cases like Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO., Garner in New York, and Rumian Brisbon in Phoenix have been more and more common. People have been claiming that the police have been falsifying their facts when …show more content…
According to, the police started arresting citizens by use-of-force more than the conservative arrest starting in 2009. The studies also show that once the body cameras were introduced. This would be one of the positive effects of police body cameras. On the negative side of things, people have been concerned about privacy. People are worried that the police will invade the privacy of the general public. They would be filming people without their permission for no reason. Some people do not see this as right, but the cause of these cameras is the accusations of the false police stories. The initial purpose was to protect the citizen as well as provide official evidence for what actually happened between the officer and the citizen during their interaction. Talking to Deputy Davis from the HBU PD, I learned that most police do not think the cameras should be necessary, but they are happy that the cameras do exist because it gives everyone an extra sense of security. It can’t really be said if the police body cameras had a positive or a negative effect on society. The unlike the effects, the causes are clear. Some people in society are worried about their privacy when encountering the police, while others are happy because this way the police cannot make up stories about what actually happened. While the police are happy about the cameras because it gives them an alibi when making a claim