Essay On Political Correctness

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Problems with Political Correctness Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and have wanted to say something, but you didn’t because you didn’t want to offend them? That is political correctness at work. Political Correctness has been in our country for decades, and it has been evolving since day one. In this essay, I argue that Political correctness is now controlling too much of how Americans communicate. The problem with political correctness in society is that it causes disruption of communication with the American society. Political correctness is commonly defined as, “conforming to a belief that languages and practices which could offend political sensitivities (such as matters in race or sex) should be eliminated” (Merriam-Webster). Interest in political correctness in the United States has grown in the past couple years, because in the past few decades American’s have given up part of their right for freedom of speech in order to preserve the feelings of our increasing sensitive society. …show more content…
People for political are typically liberals. Liberals are open to new behaviors or opinions, and are more willing to discard traditional values. Being against political correctness movement means that you disagree entirely, and think that we should not have change the way in which we discuss thing or what we discuss just to spare other people’s feelings. People who are against the political correctness movement are typically conservative. Conservatives typically like holding on to traditional values, and are cautious about change or innovation in religion or politics especially. If you are in between on being for or against, typically means agree with certain things on either side of the argument. For example you agree with having political correctness, but you do not agree with how far it has