Essay On Political Parties And Interest Groups

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Political parties and interest groups are two completely different things but both play a major role in each other. A political party or an interest group could not function if one did not exist. Political parties are groups of people united in the same ideas to help our country and help elect the people who believe in those same principals. Interest groups are people that are in active in standing up for one cause and doing whatever they need to, to further that cause. Sizes of political parties and interest groups can very. Some political parties are huge and then there are a few out there that are very small. Interest groups work in the same way. Size of a group is all about the amount of people passionate for that group and the broadness of such group. The two major political parties are large in size kind of like how the National Rifle Association and The National Association of the Advancement of Colored People. The differences in political parties and interest groups are different because to be in a political party you are not required to pay dues. Unlike the bigger interest groups who do require a due to be paid. Political parties are usually more successful in controlling the laws because the members of the parties are congressional representatives. They can push for whatever law they want. Political parties can be more reserved though because they are elected officials and do not want to do anything that would make people not vote for them. Interest groups have a little more freedom in the fact that they can stand up for whatever issue they want without the fear of losing their jobs. Interest groups are more focus on one thing and a political party is very broad and focused on multiple things. Interest groups can have a case and actually press a charge on a person unlike a political party. Interest groups can be a major influence to a political party. Interest groups are major