Essay On Poverty In Honduras

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It is no surprise that Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world. In fact, it is the second poorest country in all of Central America (Rural Poverty in Honduras). Approximately one child dies every four seconds around the world from poverty. That is twenty-one thousand children per day (Shah 4). The country of Honduras is in a place where extreme flooding and drought are immense problems. These horrific catastrophes wipe out hundreds of farms at a time which leaves hundred of families without a source of income. Without those crops, families are left without food and money to provide for their themselves and their children. Child poverty is a huge issue in the country of Honduras, and SOS Children's Village International is fighting …show more content…
One reason would be that parents simply cannot afford to pay for education for their children. Schools in Honduras do not provide the children with things such as uniforms, books, and other basic school supplies. The parents must provide these for their children. The problem with that is parents do not have the money to pay for all those needs. Most families living in rural areas live on less than one and a half US dollars per day (/A\ News Vancouver Island). Because of all this, the illiteracy rate for Honduran children is nearly 80%, and for the children whose families can afford education for them, 46% of them never finish their years of primary education (Rural Poverty in Honduras). The reason for that 46% never finishing is the second reason Honduran children cannot get an education, and that reason is that a lot of parents simply do not value education (Rural Poverty in Honduras). Lots of parents do not consider education a priotity because it takes away time the children could be using to tend to their family farms, their main source of income. They believe farming is the only way to get money, so they disregard the fact that their children could potentially get a decent job using their education. Sadly they will not have that opportunity either because of their lack of money to afford an