Essay On Power Of Language

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People can use their language to affect others and change their environments toward better. Language has a big power. However, they can use it to negative ways. I’m going to write about some methods that used to control others, how language is powerful, and positive ways/negative ways to language’s power. Eloquent language is very powerful. But it can be both good and evil. For example, in 1919~1945 Adolph Hitler, who was a president of Germany and famous for holocaust of Jewish people, was a very eloquent speaker. He called speech genius. But he used his language’s power to a negative way, which is the racial segregation. He made many speeches about his idea and policy. He said Jewish people are not German, they are the menace to Germany. …show more content…
And most of the government officials and the nations had agreed with his opinion. Then he decided to put all of Jewish people into concentration camp forcibly, and killed all of them with gas chamber even though they were innocent. It called holocaust. But people didn’t criticize for it, on the contrary they were glad about it, because they believed it is right. But their enthusiasm faded as time goes by, and the end he killed himself. That’s how eloquent speaker affect others toward worse. But there were eloquent speakers who used their language powers to the positive way. Malala Yousafzai is a one of them. She was a girl in Pakistan. She wanted to be a doctor so studying hard in school. But when she was 9years old, Taliban, which is a group of Islamic fundamentalists, came to Pakistan and prohibited girls from studying. Malala objected it. So when she was 11years old, she started to write blogs about criticisms for Taliban in BBC under a pen name. Then the England media took notice of her and she became famous. So Taliban was hostile to her. Then when she was 15years old, she was shot and suffered a serious injury. But she didn’t give up. Then when she was 16years old, she made a speech in the United Nations. She said