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Problem Based Learning
Applied Managerial Economics (ECON616 -1502B -01)
Colorado Tech University
Instructor: Kunsoo Choi
By: Luis Perez
May 15, 2015
My thoughts about problem based learning are that I believe it is a very good tool which seems to have remarkable possibilities however, the evidence through research is vague. It has been proved to be a realistic approach but many of the schools do not include problem based learning in their lesson plans because of the great outcome that may occur in everyday tasks. This is dynamic approach that is utilized to teach students to search real world troubles. Students learn about using thinking strategies and domain knowledge.
There have studies that supports how successful problem based learning has been. For instance, at GenScope, they had an inquiry based application which resulted in students utilizing GenScope’s software and illustrated the considerable gains over controlled groups. The biggest gains were the students using the basic courses (Problem-Based Faculty Institute, n.d.).
I know that problem based learning is an alternative technique which could help students and maybe my soldiers to be independent critical thinkers. As my role of being their leader and trainer, I could utilize this method to facilitate the learning process through their career in the military and guide them to become successful; to think for themselves when a situation confronts them, to think quickly, to be always ready for anything, situational awareness. I could use real scenarios to teach them to work as a team to make them stronger and to solve any issues without their leaders being there all the time.
As an Army Instructor, implementing the problem based learning method, it required for us to have the knowledge, the problem solving skills, meticulous work habits, beliefs, and personality traits that encourages lifelong learning and developing other as well.
An advantage of PBL is individuals have better understanding of the problems they attained and preserved the knowledge they acquired for an extended period of time. The learning process is much more effective when individuals are not trying to remember large amounts of information that needs to be read and implemented into different scenarios and as an alternative;