Essay On Professional And Management Development

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HEA 450 Assignment
Professional and Management Development

Within this assignment I will utilise the Nursing and Midwifery Council Standards of Proficiency (NMC 2004a) for entry to the register to critically reflect upon my portfolio of evidence in order to demonstrate that I am fit to practice. In doing this I will discuss the terms ‘proficiency’ and ‘reflection’. I will identify the model of reflection I am going to use within this assignment and will give a rationale for this choice. For each domain I will provide a critically analysed reflection, using evidence taken from my portfolio. For each domain I will demonstrate what learning has taken place, identifying a learning outcome and action plan from each reflection.
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Throughout my nurse education I have used it as a framework for almost all of my reflections and have found it to be a useful guide which has enabled me

For my first reflection I will demonstrate how I have practiced in a fair and anti-discriminatory way, acknowledging the differences in beliefs and cultural practices of individuals or groups. (See Appendix 1).

The incident I will now reflect upon happened during a placement I had on a children’s surgical ward. One of the patients on the ward actually stayed in a respite unit within the hospital long-term, although he did go home for visits on a regular basis. Sometimes, in complex cases such as this one, it is not possible for the child to be cared for at home and parents can enjoy looking after their child for short periods, knowing that the burden of care is being shared (Kingdom and Mayfield 2001). He was on the surgical ward as he was to go to theatre to have abdominal surgery. In order to adhere to NMC confidentiality guidelines I will call the boy Ryan.

My mentor on the ward was Ryan’s named nurse and knew him quite well as she had cared for him on previous occasions. She suggested that I use the opportunity of caring for Ryan as one of my learning outcomes. I thought this would be a good idea and decided to set ‘becoming competent in assisting in the care of a long term ventilated patient’ as one of my learning