Essay On Racial Inequalities In America

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Brutal killings, rapes and other forms of violence were evident in plantations in Mississippi. The blacks and especially female were subjected to harsh living conditions, and justice was lacking in these states. The rich white farmers subjected their plantation workers to great sufferings. Hard labor and poverty were the main characteristics evident in the plantations. Increased injustices and inequalities among the blacks increased sufferings where suicides and divorce became the order of the day thus subjecting the young generation to more adversaries. Anne describes how the rich farmers would brutally kill and rape young girls and walk scot free. The father of the young girls had already become alcoholic and after sustained troubles, he …show more content…
Racial discrimination has furthered the occurrence of more inequalities such as gender disparities and different social status. It is evident noting that the rate of discrimination has been a notch higher where even the black people with light skins despise fellow blacks with dark skins .
In the 1940s, there were great racial distinctions where many white people argued that the blacks were genetically inferior as compared to their white counterparts. The racial distinction has been evident and real to all Americans.
The most worrying part of the inequalities is the eminent disunity among the blacks to fight the oppression from their white employers. This disunity contributed substantially to persistent abuse and oppressions of the blacks by the whites. It has been a difficult mission to improve the situation as the blacks are disintegrated amongst themselves. As outlined by the book ‘’Coming of Age’’, Anne is always frustrated by the fact that the blacks are willing to take these injustices hands down . There exists different social class among the dark skinned blacks and fellow blacks with light skins. Despite being subjected to the same sufferings from the whites, the light skinned blacks feel that they are superior thus making it difficult to change the situation. In essence, most of the black people felt and agreed to be inferior as compared to the whites thus