Essay On Racial Inequality

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Our nation, at its best, pursues the ideal that what we look like and where we come from should not determine the benefits, burdens, or responsibilities that we bear in our society. But why should a name determine who you are? We believe that all people are created equal in terms of rights, dignity, and the potential to achieve great things, we see inequality based on race, gender, and other social characteristics as not only unfortunate but unjust. “The value of equality, democratic voice, physical and economic security, social mobility, a shared sense of responsibility for one another, and a chance to start over after misfortune or missteps, what many Americans call redemption, are the moral pillars of the American ideal of opportunity.”(Jerkins) The simplest definition of race inequality refers to unequal treatment of persons or groups on the basis of their race or ethnicity. Racial inequality refers to the discrimination based on race in opportunity for socioeconomic advancement or access to goods and services. In American racial inequality have a strong effect on many powers of society such as the family life, and employment. According to Annabelle Lever from the London school of Economics and Political Science she states, “It is important to say something about what ‘race’ …show more content…
In recent studies in Milwaukee and New York City, a pair with comparable qualifications but of differing races tested not only the effect of race on job outlooks but also the impact of an apparent criminal record. In Milwaukee, whites reporting a criminal record were more likely to receive a callback from employers than were blacks without a criminal record. In New York, Latinos and African Americans without criminal records received fewer callbacks than did similarly situated whites, and at rates comparable to whites with a criminal