Essay On Radiology Nurse

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A Radiology Nurse is a nurse who has specialized patient-care training in the field of Radiology. Radiology nurses help patients that need diagnostic, therapeutic, or interventional radiology treatment. A Radiology nurse works within an interdisciplinary team, made up of Radiologists, Radiology Technologists, Physicians, and other nurses. Radiology nurses work at radiology departments in hospitals, private practice clinics, or an outpatient care facilty. Radiology nurses deal with a wide variety of patients of all ages that need radiology imaging or therapy. Radiology departments depend on nurses to care for patients coming from intensive care, cardiac, emergency, and pediatric departments. There have been many advancements in radiology technology over the years, but in the past 26 years, the role and responsibilities of the radiology nurse have not changed much (Radiol Manage, 1994). …show more content…
Radiology nurses are needed to prepare patients for x-ray imaging, and monitor patients through the imaging process. Specifically, radiology nurses are responsible for helping patients with any needs they may have, like starting or checking ivs or giving medications. During the imaging process, a radiology nurse must monitor the patient’s vital signs and report any unusual signs to the technologist or radiologist. It has been a long debate that radiology nurses do not give patient care through the traditional sense of nursing because there is no way a radiology nurse can build a close relationship with their patients. In a recent study, researchers found that radiology nurses do actually care for patients in the traditional way through their responsibilities as a radiology nurse (Patient Care in Radiology, 2014). For example, they care for patients as they prepare them for x-rays, then again, as the patient goes through the x-ray process, and finally, when the patient is being discharged from the radiology