Essay On Raising Minimum Wage

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Many people question whether or not the minimum wage should be raised or not. The reasons as to why people support the raising of the minimum wage are that it will not only stimulate the economy but also reduce the need for government assistance, and increase the living qualities of many families. The arguments against raising the minimum wage come mainly from people who assume that minimum wage jobs are in the fast food or that teenagers are the only people who work them, but in reality, fast food is just one, others include cashiers, new/unknown models, dishwashers, movie theater workers, and amusement park attendants. More adults also work minimum wage jobs than teenagers as well so other aspects of their arguments can be debunked in many …show more content…
So raising the minimum wage would highly benefit these people by giving them extra money to spend on things they need like food and water and even money to put away to go towards a place to stay. Even families that are not homeless, but are on the poverty line, will benefit from this change. “To rise above the poverty threshold, a single mother raising two children and working full time would need to earn 17.50 to 31.60 an hour, according to the Economic Policy Institute” (“RAISING MINIMUM WAGE LIFTS” para 9), which is over twice the minimum wage we have now. This means that raising the minimum wage will benefit these people and might just get them out of poverty. This also means more families will have money to pay bills and other expenses so they are not living paycheck to paycheck. One expense would be gas, which as we’ve all noticed the price of is rising. Some of these people will be able to buy more gas if the minimum wage was increased which means they can get to where they need to go. Similarly many families on the poverty line or just above have children. With that extra gas, they will be able to drive their children to school instead of having them walk or even drive themselves to school and work instead of only driving to