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Reform Movements All throughout the course of American history there has always been issues with the government. The people who choose to stand against this issue as known as reformers. Without reformers like Dorthea Dix and Alexander Graham then the government wouldn't be as good as it is today. There's no doubt that that reformers have helped to better form the government. It seems during the Jacksonian era there were many reform movements. One of these important reform movements was to abolish slavery. According to Document 4, it states "so does a just god overrule evil for good." This means that the reformer is standing against slavery just as god stands up against evil with good. This may effect the economy because in the south relies so heavily on slavery to harvest the crops and do all the work while the farmers do nothing. Meaning if the slaves were freed production and quantity of good would go down dropping the economy. This is a social issue because many people did not want the slaves to be freed bringing tension between the slave-owners and the people who helped free the slaves. Furthermore, in document 5 it states "Resistance to tyranny is obedience to god." This means that Susan B Anthony believed that the male dominant government was a form of tyranny. She believed it was a women's obligation to fight against this tyranny until women are treated equally. This is a political issue because these women are fighting to get a saying in the government and be treated fairly which may lead to political differences. During the Jacksonian era, There were many reform movements but each one serves it individual purpose. For example in document 4 it shows a child labor schedule. This shows the reform movements designs for the child labor system to better improve it. This mean