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The world cannot turn away. We cannot simply do what we have done in the past; we must do more to resolve the severe situation. There are several ongoing efforts to help refugees and IDPs. One example is a project called “Improving the Coping Status of Urban Refugees,” enacted by CRAT with the US Embassy in Cameroon. It aimed to support refugees regain economic independence through their own jobs. The project aided refugee women to gain skills to manage a small business and save assets thorough CRAT. Even though it could only apply to a small portion of refugees, the result was successful and many of them were encouraged to gain financial independence.
In addition, the UN refugee agency has been helping a huge number of displaced people through
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This should be accompanied by their home countries’ and the international society’s assurance that those people who voluntarily choose to return home could be continuously assisted in their resettlement. This could be done through providing them updated data of their own nations, restoration of their houses and assets, or aid on repatriation journey.
Secondly, the international institution can help the displaced people who are afraid to go back home to be embraced by a new generous host government. Assisting them to search for a new home in a country of asylum and to blend into the local society can be a means to aid them beginning on a new path. This could be a complicated procedure, constituting various fields of consideration, but it is a durable and long-term solution at the same time.
The last solution is offered to the refugees who are either unable to go back home due to endless conflicts within their home countries or experiencing difficulties meeting their needs in their asylum country. Then they can resettle to a third nation, which allows them to settle down permanently. Since this third nation is usually totally different from the country where the refugees claim asylum, this resettlement could be a tough experience for them. However, it is also a worthy challenge in a long