Essay On Restorative Justice

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Why is Restorative Justice more beneficial than our current discipline system?
By Francesca Gervase

There will always be people around the country getting in trouble with the law. This creates a need to handle misbehavior and law breaking. The current system doesn't always solve the problems and works to punish people by sending the offender to jail or fining them. However, Restorative Justice, also known as Circle Justice, works to heal people and help with the situation by having the offender, victim, and community members talk. Restorative Justice is more beneficial than our current disciple system. Restorative Justice helps to heal people and fix our community unlike the common punitive system.
The first reason why Restorative Justice is better is because it lets people be
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In ‘Viv’s story’, Jack gets to heal and it helps him get his life back on track. Viv gets to heal by forgiving Jack, and knowing he's starting a better life. In paragraph 13 it states, “‘In a way, burgling our house was probably the best thing that could have happened to him, because he's had so much support from Dianne and all the social workers to help turn his life around.’” This shows that Jack is indeed healing, and Viv gets the satisfaction of knowing that he's healing and on the road to a better life. This is part of how she herself heals. Another example of how Restorative Justice aims to heal is in Touching Spirit Bear when Cole goes through Circle Justice and gets banished to the island to let him think and heal. Later on, Cole has an idea for Circle Justice to let Peter come to the island too. On page 239 it states, “‘This morning, when we forgave each other, we also forgave ourselves.’” This shows that both Cole and Peter healed on the island when they forgave each other. To sum up, Restorative Justice heals the offender and victim through support and