Essay On Reverend Hale In The Crucible

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Traits Well Admired In the story “The Crucible” there are many characters, so many in fact often times people will get confused on who is who. But out of all the characters one in my opinion I believe that Reverend Hale is one of the most admirable, because in the story he starts off believing the girls but later on sees the truth. He realizes his mistake and owns up to it. He tells John to tell his lie so he doesn’t die, so he can keep his life instead of dying out of pride. When Reverend Hale first showed up at the beginning of act 1 he was humble as a reverend should be. He faintly believed that there was witchcraft in Salem, he believed the girls and was afraid of Satan in the town. Just like everyone else he wanted to get rid of the sins, which sometimes made him seem like the antagonist for instance in act 2 pages 277-292 (I’m not sure where) he is questioning Elizabeth without the court knowing of his presence in their home, to ask her if she believes in witches or not and …show more content…
He realizes that the girls story isn’t adding up there for he tries to get to the bottom of things. Close to the end of (act 3 page 239) Hale says “I have signed 72 death warrants; I am a minister of the Lord, and I dare not take a life without there be proof”. This is where he’s beginning to see that the girls are not being truthful. He then starts to come out of this state of shock over witches and you can see the truth of what was really happening in the way he’s portrayed by the author; he believes Proctor when he admits to sleeping with Abby. Most want to believe the girls out of fear of crossing them, and being accused, but John owns up to everything to save his wife and all others that are to be hung. When reverend Parris and Danforth are told about this they panic and accuse John of contempt against the court and witchcraft. Hale does not approve and quits the court because he sees it’s not