Essay On Rosa Parks

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During the slave era, there were plenty of segregation laws that were passed. The law about segregation on public transportation was passed as early as 1900 by Jim Crow. The Jim Crow law ensured blacks rode in the back seats and they had to leave front seats to white people. It did not make sense when blacks were 75% of the passengers. It also required that the African Americans paid their fares at the front and used the back doors to get into the bus. It went on until the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s made possible by the story of Rosa Parks and the bus incident on December 1, 1955.
The Civil Rights Movement began in the 1950s following the outrage of the black community.They were tired of the mistreatment by the white community.
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He was not part of the meeting due to tight work schedule but asked that he be allowed to be part of choosing a leader for the movement. Martin Luther King Jr. was put in charge of the boycott alongside Montgomery Improvement Association. King was a young minister and was not familiar with the locality, but Nixon thought that the fathers had no time to terrorize him which made him Nixon’s choice. Nixon faced reluctance by the clergymen and threatened to expose their behaviors to the African Americans that were living in the locality. Edgar Nixon was later made the treasurer of the association. On the day that Rosa Parks was arrested, flyers were made in readiness for the boycott. Ms. Jo Ann was put in charge of this duty. The flyer urged the black community to stay off the buses on the day of Rosa Parks’ trial. It was significant because most the riders were black hence the bus company would be hit hard. Civil activists embarked on a journey for equality of all American. As such protest posters and fliers were distributed to cities. One such flier read “Don’t ride the bus to work, to town, to school or any place on Monday, December 5"(Parks, 130). Which was meant to sensitize the black community against being