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Safe Work Environments

I chose to talk about safe work environments. Everyone has the right to a safe work environment. Safety is the second human need on Maslow's hierarchy of human needs. In Fundamentals of Nursing by Craven it state, "Humans need to be physically safe and free from the fear and anxiety that result from a lack of security and protection." An environment free of violence and hazards is especially important for nurses to have a safe work environment so he or she can be on top of his or her game and give the best care possible to his or her patients. "Healthy and safe work environments allow nurses to provide the best possible care for patients who depend on them," said James Murphy Dawson, MPH, Senior policy analyst at the center for Occupational and Environmental health for the American Nurses Association (ANA) Silver Spring, Md. "Also protecting nurses from hazards, such as sharps injuries, muscoskeletal disorders, and workplace violence prevents nurses from leaving the workforce prematurely."
To help nurses with a safer work environment hospitals and other health facilities have equipment to help nurses move patients. This helps to cut down on muscoskeletal injuries. I believe the workplace should make sure they have enough equipment available for each one of their nurses. The healthcare facility should give its staff proper training on the use of their equipment. For example, have its nurses practice using the lift equipment until they are proficient in its use. The