Essay On Salem Witch Trial

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The Salem Witch Trials 1692
My extension history project is looking at the controversial issues surrounding the cause/s of the 1692 Salem Witch Trial. February 1692 to May 1693 a series of hearings and prosecution in Salem Village, Colonial Massachusetts took place as the town’s people were accused of witchcraft .The trials were conducted after a group of young girls claimed that they had been possessed by the devil, in conclusion accused several local town’s people of witchcraft. Furthermore the Salem witch trials were not the first trials to take place in New England; the extent of the accusation and convictions created mass hysteria within opposing to any other trails that had taken place throughout the previous years.
Throughout my investigation on the Salem witch trials, a main aspect taking into consternation is the reason behind the trials. Around the time period of the 1600s it
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In order to strengthen my own knowledge I have decided to focus on three text that demonstrate the converse in the opinions on the causes of said trials. I plan to look at ‘the enemy within: a short history of Witch-Hunting’ author John Demos (Samuel Knight), a professor of history at Yale University. Within the three chapters based on the Salem trials, the book will give insight on the approaches and experiences from the accused, accusers and persecutors. Secondly I will analyse ‘A History of Witchcraft, Sorcerers, Heretics and Pagans’ author Jeffrey B. Russell, this text is conveyed through his opinion along with a study conducted by Paul Boyer and Stephan Nissenbaum (Salem possessed 1974), as they observes the local geography of the accused and the accusers. Lastly I would like to look at ‘Witchcraft in Old and New England’ author George Lyman Kittredge, the text is an extensive analyse on the context of 17 century witch trials and how Salem is viewed in transatlantic