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Ricardo Pinales
Expository writing

"Come on Ric hurry up the camera's Recording bust this out bro!" as I busted out a kick flip off 10 steps of cement, all i can really think about

was this is either the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life or one of my greatest skilled accomplishments ever. As i landed the kick flip from a 10

foot high steps all i hear is my boys Izzy and will yell out of excitement; my adrenaline levels outplayed my fears. Since that day in central park my

boys and i would skate from 125 in harlem through central park till we hit the very middle, where the central park reservoir lies the most beautiful

place to visit in the night time a 106 acre body of water with a background view of the city buildings. We'd stop skating hold our skateboards and

just walk through the running track talking about whatever came to mind. I have to say theres no place in the city like that, a place i could skate in

and reminisce. every other weekend i visit the reservoir before going to a skate park i usually go to on weekends with a bunch of my boys.

one night my friends convinced me to smoke some weed, we were in uptown manhattan the heights, higher then ever it was my first time

and one of my genius Friends i don't remember whom; suggested that 15 other people and us 2 skate to Central park as a group. My mind was

blown so i was willing to do anything really as we skated through the city, floors roaring 17 skaters deep. As we arrive at the park exhausted

regretting not taking any breaks, we begin to walk in from 96th at where the reservoir is as we see another group of skaters, we skate over to them

and we start to converse i go to greet the third person and i notice something that made my life fifty times more exciting; as i shook Kid Cudi's

hand i was almost speechless, Kid Cudi is a hip hop artist that basically got me through my entire high school years his music was my inspiration

because of how relatable he was to me, and here i was high as hell on a spontaneous trip to central park getting the opportunity to meet one of my

life long idol. i was so excited and so