Essay On Service Animals

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Service animals, important to an individual with a disability- do they have the right to bring them into a hospital due to emergency circumstances? According to The Americans with Disabilities Act, a service animal is defined as “animals that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities… [they] are working animals, not pets” (Denholm, 2009). Therefore, people who have disabilities and own service animals tend to encounter conflicts due to the public either having allergies, being afraid or even too many people being attracted to pet the animal. Not only is it a problem outside a health care facility; but, within a health care facility for example a hospital. Within a hospital setting, patients risk infection due animals …show more content…
With the many people around the country having service animals, it is important to know the rules and regulations what can and cannot happen while in public. Denholm’s idea of having the reader refer to Table 1 gives the reader a better insight about what the requirements for individuals with disabilities are, to allow them possess service animals. This article gave a very clear insight on the basics of what is and is not allowed to happen to service animals; though, the article was titled “Service Dogs in Health Care Facilities” with not much information about the allowance/refusal of service animals being able to be with their owner within health care facilities. As a result, the article was written in a very informative tone of voice ensuring the Denholm would make their point across; though only a basic overview of the issue was covered, Denholm is able to further revisit this article and make this article more informational on this specific