Essay On Shared Knowledge

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Personal knowledge and shared knowledge depict a close relationship in that one may be derived from another, and that the two may only be regarded as knowledge if they include the concept ‘I know’ and ‘we know’ respectively as pointed out by
Knowledge can be viewed as the production of one or more human beings. It can be the work of a single individual arrived at as a result of a number of factors including the ways of knowing. indicates that such individual knowledge is called personal knowledge. According to, further examples include skills and procedural knowledge that one has acquired through practice and habituation, what one has learned through formal education (mainly shared knowledge that has withstood the scrutiny of the methods of validation of the various areas of knowledge.

Shared knowledge is on the other hand highly structured, is systematic in its nature and is the product of more than one individual. Much of it is bound together into more or less distinct areas of knowledge such as the familiar groups of subjects studied in the Diploma Programme as stated by Another living example is the discovery by a group of scientists
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Other Christians choose to accept that through the blood of Jesus Christ, they were circumcised and thus cannot undergo the circumcision period. This is in addition to the unambiguous fact that they consider premarital sex a sin and so believe that HIV chances are rare to them. But what if most of them are not true to their faith? Do they not end up surrendering to the temptation of the so described premarital sex, believing to be spiritually circumcised but physically not? Their personal knowledge from this shared knowledge may either be shaped up by their extent of the strength of their faith otherwise, if not, then shared knowledge takes authority in shaping their personal knowledge