Essay On Should College Athletes Get Paid

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Should college football players get paid for playing football? For as far back as college sports go, none of the athletes involved were ever paid an actual salary for participating in their sport. The reason an “actual salary” is pointed out, is because athletes are “paid” in many other ways. If an individual is good enough at their sport throughout high school, they can earn themselves an athletic scholarship, which can range from a mere couple thousand dollars to full tuition, including room and board, transportation as well as food. People for many years wonder why don’t college athletes do not get paid like the NFL players do or at least some money for playing; however, other people think that college athletes shouldn’t get paid for many …show more content…
This should be talked about because there are a lot of reason why or why not college athletes should get paid. Some people are against it because jobs will decreasing and the lack of participation and etc. People are not against it because it can help a lot with the athlete’s bills or the money can help the athlete’s family or kids if they needed money. Other people do not care if the college athletes should or shouldn’t get paid because the just like watching the sports, so if they started to pay the college football players they shouldn’t lose any fans. This topic has been talked about for many years and people still talk about it till the day which it pretty insane. The solution to this is college athletes should not get paid because the dedication and the competitiveness will decrease and there will be no more NFL or NBA or anything professional league in the world. The NCAA will always be a competitive thing in life even if the college athletes did or did not get paid for playing and participating in the sport. Some people will be jealous that the college athletes are getting paid because they wish they were getting paid while playing a college sport. But paying a college athletes can make the student attendance and graduation rates will skyrocket because of the kids knowing that the will be getting paid while playing any college