Essay on Situation in Central America

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I will be discussing my reasons for going back to school and why I chose Health Care Administration as my career choice. My reasons for deciding to build a hospital outside of the safety net of the USA and why I decided to work at Texas Children’s while I am studying.
There are many benefits and many cons to going back to school, but in the end the reward I will receive will be more than worth the sacrifice of attending school again.
I decided to go back to school and into the field of Health Care Administration after working 17 months at Texas Children’s Hospital as a Medical Assistant.
The hospital offers incentives to return to school and advance one’s degree and I felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to make some of my dreams come true.
My long term goal is opening a hospital in Roatan, Isla de la Bahia, Honduras. I want my hospital to be similar to hospitals in the US. I plan to do this through grants that will help me care for the people who cannot afford care, as well as extending care to the private sector and expatriates in the community.
I know what I wanted to do, but was unsure how to go about making things happen for me. When I went to work for the hospital, I started to see a pattern of things I would need in order to succeed. My decisions about my career goals were impacted by two things that happened in my life. The first thing affecting my decision was living 20 years in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras. After living nearly two decades in Central America, the dismal conditions of the health care system there mixed with massive corruption made me decide that I wanted to do something about the health care system in Honduras. The people most affected by the lack of health care are those who cannot afford private health care in Honduras.
I knew that I could not take on the health care system there myself and that trying to correct corruption in Honduras, even in a corrupt hospital system, can cost one his or her life. I was at odds about what I could do about the situation in Honduras.