Essay On Slavery In America

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A slave is someone who is own by another person. Slavery has existed for centuries and there are still forms of slavery in different parts of the world. For America slavery started in 1619 when slaves were being brought to Jamestown,Virginia (Slavery in America). When the civil war ended in 1865 slavery in the United States ended but that did not end the inequality and the injustice we have in America. The history of slavery was just one of the struggles this world has had and it is big part on how society is in today. Slaves were being brought to North America from Africa in the 17th and 18th centuries to help build America (Slavery in America). In Africa, slavery was a form of punishment for a serious crime (Black People of America- Why …show more content…
Slaves would be punished in many kinds of ways. Their master would whip them, they would be hung, beat, they could also be chained to the ground (Black Peoples of America-Slave Punishment). These punishments were very brutal. During the Atlantic Slave Trade slaves suffered different types of maladies due to inhumane living and working conditions (Facts about the Slave Trade and Slavery).
Slaves were not allowed to have freedom. They were treated very poorly and unfair. For the children who were enslaved, education was not an option for them, in most states it was illegal to teach enslaved black people how to read and write. When an owner of slaves died, the slaves would be separated from their families. On June 19, 1865 slavery in America ended (History of Slavery in America). Although this form of slavery no longer exist in America, they way that black people are being treated has not changed. There is still no equality, and they are not getting the justice they should be getting. They are not being treated as bad as they were when there were slavery but they’re very little improvement. I disagree with anyone who says slaveowners were right when doing this. No one should be treated like how they were being