Essay On Slavery In British America

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Slavery in British America had diverse developments and the first slaves who arrived in the American soil were settled in Jamestown, Virginia. Majority of northern states had many slave owners as compared to the Southern parts. This can be attributed to the rapid agricultural and industrial growth in the northern part which led to an increase in demand for laborers (Scott, 2001). The slaves were demanded by the British as a result of an increase in demand for agricultural products. Due to their contributions, the demand for slaves increased and slavery spread to other states like Virginia. Georgia later adopted slaves as a result of shortage of laborers.
The slaves in the northern and southern states struggled to attain civil liberties during
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It was able to pressure the authorities to introduce key amendments to avert further rebellion. Some of the amendments led to an end to harsh punishments which was granted to slaves by the masters. Congress introduced amendments which imposed penalties on slave masters who were found to have brutalized the slaves. The congress also was able to introduce limits on number of slaves which were required to be owned by the slave masters. Furthermore, new laws were introduced which abolished the importation of new slaves. As a result of Stono rebellion, new legislation granted privileges which they did not have before.
As slavery expanded in the British America, several legislations were introduced which granted rights and freedoms to slaves. The British were able to free slaves after working for a specific period. As a result of an increase in number of slaves, many slaves were freed and further importation of slaves was abolished. The Northern states also were able to abolish slavery completely, a move which was opposed by the Southern states. The Southern states were reluctant to abolish slave trade as a result of the booming cotton and tobacco trade which led to an increase in demand for