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Taking cue from sleeping beauty, a pea is a great and inexpensive training device. In your running shoes, take a split pea and tape it in the heel of each shoe with the flat side down directly under the center of the heel. Best to use painters masking tape and replace it after every run, duct tape turns into a sticky, gooey mess. What this does is provide a gentle reminder on every stride to land on your claws (the ball of your foot) and not your heel! If you attempt to use the clydesdale cockroach crushing heel first running technique you will be very quickly and painfully reminded that you need to land on the balls of your foot. If the split pea is a bit too painful for you, start out with a lentil. A good way to check if your floating head technique is working is to look carefully at the horizon while you are running. If you are running properly, it should look like a rock-steady pan-cam in a movie. If you are doing it incorrectly you will see the horizon jolt and shake on every footfall. Note, you have to look at the horizon or something very far away to notice this effect easily.

It takes a long time to gain the ankle flexibility and the calf strength required to do this kind of running, you need to ramp up very carefully to avoid overuse injuries. When you are first starting out, only practice this for 5 min twice a week for the first month. The second month, increase the time to 10 min twice a week. Continue adding 5