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In India, currently the smart city projects become a most important part of the growth for the nation, and many cities are participating in it. Smart Stormwater drainage system and its management are one of the most important aspects of the smart cities, which means to manage the surface runoff and other problems related to storm drainage network by using smart components, tools, and ideas in a system. By using smart technological tools. Hear we talk about smart city suart. It is the 8th largest city and 9th largest urban agglomeration in India. Surat is the 3rd "cleanest city of India" according to the Indian Ministry of Urban Development, and 4th fastest growing city of the world.
Water which originates throughout precipitation events is known as Stormwater. soak into the
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Surat is situated in south Gujarat, 252 Km north of Bombay, on the banks of river Tapi. Total area of Surat city is 334.25 including 7 no. of zones, annual average rainfall of the city is 1898 mm. Major River is Tapi and major dams Kakrapar and Ukai constructed on river Tapi. River Tapi flows through the city and meets the Arabian Sea at about 16 km west from Surat. Surat is 95 km in downstream of Ukai Dam over river Tapi. Five main and several minor creeks pass through the city and meet river Mindhola in south of Surat.
The average annual flood, with a recurrence interval of 2.35 years, on the Tapi is 14,328 m³/s. The flood in 2006 alone had caused total damage city was flooded in 2006, with a peak discharge of approximately 25,785 m³/s from the Ukai Dam.
The flow capacity of the Tapi has been reduced in Surat city due to rapid industrialization/urbanizations and severe encroachment of the floodplain. For example, a discharge of rarely 25,775 m³/s during the flood in 2006 had attained a level of 12.6 m at the Nehru Bridge in Surat city compared to the level of 12.8 m attained by the historically maximum flood of discharge 42,545 m³/s in