Essay On Smart Clothing

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The technology world is witnessing a major development day by day of discoveries and invention especially in the use of smart device, which began with phones, tablets and then spread to smart glasses and watches and now to clothes. Smart clothing are clothes with an electronic chip to be the mind, memory and management center. It is look like normal clothes but, the different in the materials that used to make it. It makes a balance between new fashion and modern technology. There are many countries use smart clothing for example Germany and some Arabia country like Saudi Arabia and Egypt using this technology. The goal or the purpose of made it was to help people get there work done and protect them and it comes as part of multiple types according to their function such as prevent fires, works as adapt to the body ,measure the hear treat and the rete of sugar in the body and protect from drowning. Smart clothing better than the original clothes in many aspects like the works that it can do, the features it has and the design of it.This essay will shed some light on Smart clothing industry, the types of smart clothes and the works that smart clothing can do. …show more content…
They use nanotechnology-filaments and wool-filaments instead of the threads that make the rest of clothes such as cotton and silk. They use nanotechnology-filaments and wool-filaments for its ability to connect the power supply so you can connect your mobile phone or laptop or any mobile device with smart clothes to transfer data and you can also charge your mobile device by using the smart clothes. " The scientists were able to develop another type of yarn to manufacture smart clothes such as fiber optic plastic and this tablets allows conductive contact wireless with other device to transfer data" (A.2006)