Essay On Social Dislocation

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Addiction is a brain disorder defined by the compulsive engagement in rewarding behaviour, despite negative consequences (Angres and Bettinardi–Angres 696). One must avoid the temptation, easy as it may seem, to think that addicts are just people with weaker morals or insufficient spiritual guidance. Addiction is a medical disease with a complex aetiology separate from morals or spiritual influence. Social dislocation and family stress appear to contribute significantly to the development of the disease. Social dislocation is the removal of an individual from their community, family or friends. The dislocation can create a painful void that an individual may attempt to fill with addiction (Alexander and Shaler 230). Similarly, family stress …show more content…
Family stress can create social dislocation, but perhaps its most devastating effect is done by the stress involved. Stress is vital to human function. Our body’s stress response keeps us alert and helps us function (Sinha 105). Chronic stress, on the other hand, is extremely damaging to one's health. Stress can fundamentally change our brains making an individual more susceptible to addictive behaviours (Sinha 106). For an example of the effect of stress on addiction we can, again, look at the case of Evelyn Lau. The family life that surrounded Lau, in her teens, involved a verbally abusive mother and an absentee father. A family is supposed to provide a safe and loving support network but in Lau’s case, it was only creating emotional stress. Teeming with feelings of self-hatred and low self-esteem Lau sought out the only behaviour that gave her pleasure. It can be easy to look at Lau’s story and disregard it as just an individual’s struggle, however, she is not alone. There are thousands of children with very similar stories. It is easy to get lost in the statistics surrounding addiction which is why it is important to highlight stories like Lau’s. We must not forget that behind those numbers are real people who need help. People who need to be free of stress and have a meaningful connection with someone who can help