Essay On Social Media In Sport

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Social Media in Sport
BAD 362
Professor Zonder
Spring, 2015
Chapter 12 Social Media in Sport

• Rapid growth of social media enables sport marketers to have more direct communication with fans.
• Social media followers are far more numerous than traditional team opt-in consumers. – Some professional sport teams have Facebook and
Twitter followings in the hundreds of thousands.

Why Is Social Media
Valuable in Sport?
• It builds an audience of fans to interact with in real-time.
• It engages fans in ways that they want to be engaged. • It’s viral.
• It drives behavior that drives business.

Effective Techniques for Social Media Management
• Build an audience
• Engage fans
• Drive behavior
• Choose the appropriate platform
• Avoid pitfalls
• Leverage players and talent

Building an Audience
• Sport organizations should promote social media initiatives:
– In-game or in-event
– During broadcasts
– Through other online, direct, and digital marketing efforts – Through traditional advertising mediums
– By share-optimized content (TAF marketing)

Engaging Fans
• Growing a social media base requires sport marketers to offer engaging content to prevent people from tuning out.
• A good strategy to do this involves
– authenticity of voice and varying of voice,
– listening,
– learning,
– optimizing (testing), and
– delivering.

Driving Behavior
• Effective social media marketing should encourage followers to engage in behaviors aligned with