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Solar power project
The sun has been producing energy for many millions of years. It is estimated that there is enough hydrogen still in the sun's core to last another 4.5 billion years. Solar energy as we refer to it is the solar radiation in the form of light and heat that reaches the earth. Every day the sun radiates enormous amounts of heat and light energy. The planet and the atmosphere absorb some of this energy with the remainder being reflected back out into space.
The heat energy we receive from the sun through radiation is the energy that gives life to living things. It is also the immense source of energy that generates the planet's weather, creating wind and the planet's water cycle.
As solar has entered the mainstream in the past decade, corporations and institutions with massive energy bills have started to realize how much money they can save by switching to solar power. There’s already a strong case for residential rooftop solar, but you can make an even more convincing argument for solar in the commercial sector where prices are lower and overall savings can be dramatic.
What are the benefits of
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Here are the top 3 reasons for schools to choose solar energy:
1) Ideal roof types and array space make solar a great option
A barrier for the residential solar market is the reality that many homes do not have suitable roofs or location types for solar, which makes a PV installation less cost-effective. For colleges and K-12s, the situation is reversed: the typical layout of a school is ideal for a solar installation because of flat roofs that provide plenty of unshaded space for the installation. A building’s roofing material and roof angle can greatly impact solar panel output and efficiency, illustrating why this suitability indicator is so important.
2) Solar cuts overall operating costs for the