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To begin my speech about body enhancers I would like to ask a few questions to you guys about your opinions on this topic and see how familiar we are with this topic. Could someone please describe to me what steroids are and what they do? Could someone now describe to me what a pre-workout enhancer is? As these drugs both greatly put your health at risk only the steroids are illegal. The FDA finds pre-workout enhancers not defined as steroids, even though they pose the same health risks. I first discovered this when I was around 12 years old and I started lifting for sports. I never felt the energy to ever lift in the morning so I decided to buy this pre-workout pill called N.O. Fury.
(Pass the enhancer around) I took the recommended serving each day for about a week nothing ever felt different, until one morning when I was eating breakfast I felt this pain in my stomach. Every time I ate it felt like someone was putting boiling water in my stomach. I could still taste and swallow, but as soon as the food hit my stomach it burned extremely badly. I went to the doctor only to find out that I had developed a stomach ulcer. As much as it sucked I just had to let it heal naturally. Some days I did not even eat because it hurt so badly. Finally after 2 grueling weeks it healed. However the damage was already done I used to weigh 160 at the time after the ulcer I weighed 145. Just so you know I was taking this pill to gain weight not lose weight showing that more bad comes out of the good in drugs. Also proving my point that not all muscle enhancers are illegal, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you, therefore just don’t take them.

However this was only a story and there is still plenty more information you must know about enhancers before we can take action on them. First off we must establish some of the problems associated with body enhancers starting with side effects. There is a long list that goes on of side effects including perception interruptions, kidney failure, heart failure, and social anxiety, but the reason these supplements cause these reactions is actually unknown. This is because the FDA does not approve most ingredients in enhancers.
Therefore these supplements virtually go unregulated through market. However there are no active ingredients besides caffeine and ephedrine. However ephedrine was outlawed by the FDA in 2006 for increasing muscle building by too much, but they never released a statement whether or not it affected your health. Even though it sounds like active ingredients are the main ingredient in enhancers they are not always the ingredients causing problems. For instance C4 Extreme pre-workout supplement contains a non-active ingredient called, synephrine, which is almost like adrenaline, but not as effective.(Pass it aound) As this ingredient has actually been tested by FDA and is found to cause cardiac arrest and extremely high blood pressure. Just showing how any of the ingredients found in an enhancer can harm you. Plus this one was actually regulated by the FDA and there are many other ingredients that are not regulated. So just imagine what those can do to your body. As all this seems completely out of our reach and inaccessible it is actually just around the corner.

Any drug store or Super Market will have these on the shelf in the pharmacy section, however the really big problem are the big Franchises in drugs and pharmaceutical needs like GNC and Vitamin World. If you walk in to these places they will try to rob you blind trying to have you buy all this stuff that doesn’t help you. They don’t care if you get hurt or die they just want your money.

So now that we have the problems laid out on the table, which may I remind you; the side effects of these enhancers, the fact the FDA does not regulate these, and the easy accessibility of these enhancers all have a similarity. Which is there is no short