Essay On Stranger Rape

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Sexual Abuse
“I liked hurting girls” (anonymous 1) is the opening line in Diary of an Oxygen Thief by an unknown writer. In the book he thoroughly recites how he abused women sexually and almost is high off doing so. According to the National Sexual Violence Center, one in every five women will be sexually violated in their lives, a statistic that is alarmingly high. With numbers of victims as high as one fifth of people being sexually abused, more efforts should be executed in order to decrease or even eliminate sexual abuse.
Little does the world know that there are multiple types of sexual assaults. Acquaintance Rape is the most common type of sexual assault but is also the most non-reported. This type of assault is defined as being forced or tricked into intercourse with someone you may know (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network). This happens when someone known by the victim, an acquaintance, becomes interactive and becomes too intimate and brings things to the wrong level without consent. On top of the list for most reported sexual assaults is stranger rape. Stranger rape can occur in numerous different ways as well. One type of stranger rape is known as blitz sexual assault. This rape takes place when a perpetrator attacks and vandalizes the victim quickly without prior
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On average, each cases cost about $151,423. This is compared to an average cost of being a drunk driving victim of $36,000. In addition, four out of five sexual assault victims will suffer from chronic physical and/or mental condition (US Department of Justice) which often results in victims falling behind in school and earning less later on in their jobs and careers. Altogether, this causes a total loss of roughly $241,600 during their lifetime (Cost, Consequence and