Essay On Study Habits

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In our study, we carried out a cross-sectional study on students of KGMC and distributed questionnaires in order to know the view of students of Khyber Girls Medical College about their study habits. The result of current study provided us with a better understanding of Khyber Girls Medical College students' study habits. The results also held insight into the relationship between different study approaches used by the students and their educational levels. Our study showed that 45.5 % (91 students) always benefit from the type of study approach they use whether deep or surface study, A small number of students i.e. 1% (2 students) said they did not get any benefit from their approach, while 53.5% (107 students) sometimes benefited from …show more content…
17.5% (35 students) make a timetable before they start studying. While 39.5% (79 students) count the pages of the chapter and 15.5% (31 students) check the syllabus. So this shows that only 17.5% students had a plan to study while others studied once in a while without any plan in advance. In this study by Ravari et al, it was also ascertained that students do not have any comprehensive plan to budget their time for studying. [26]
Another study by G.Bandrage, N.S. Bopage and R.T.S. Fernando of the Open University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka’s study showed that 83% prepared a study timetable and 94 % of these students stated that they couldn’t always achieve the goals they set in their study timetables. [27]
Our results show that 46.5% (93 students) were distracted by people which affected their study. 26.5% (53% students) were distracted by noise. 19% (38 students) were distracted by mobile phones and a still smaller number by students i.e. 7% (14 students) were distracted by social websites. It is recommended that the students should be taught how to reduce the pauses between their studying sessions and remove the distractions especially as how our generation is especially involved in social Medias and the use of mobile phones is commonplace now.